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Picnic spread on blue, checked blanket

July was National Picnic Month but the weather didn’t get the memo! It was one of the wettest on record. But we don’t need a dedicated month to remind ourselves that picnics rule, do we?

How can our beautiful but tiny island-city of Portsmouth have so many great parks and open spaces that residents and visitors can enjoy for free at any time of year? We counted 56, I repeat, ’56’ perfect picnic spots! A couple were a new discovery to me and I’ve lived here since….  ooh well, let’s just say a very long time. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our list of the best spots in Portsmouth to enjoy a low-cost summer picnic with all the family. Take a look at each post code area, from PO1 to PO6, or find them all on our convenient map.

Staying local or taking your picnic blanket further afield? You can walk, cycle, scoot or take the bus to your chosen picnic spot (you won’t pay more than £2 bus fare to get anywhere in the city at the moment). Check out the low-cost travel information on our Cost of Living hub.

Why not do a tour of all the picnic spots and let us know what you think?