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Advent calendar

Day 1

Welcome to our Christmas advent calendar where you will find tips to help you have a low cost and stress free Christmas.

Our first tip comes from Rebecca at The Learning Place.

“The first big step to saving money this Christmas is trimming your Christmas gift list. You don’t have to buy a present for every member of your family or everyone on your friends list. Why not chat to family members and let them know that you’ll only be buying presents for children this year, for example your nieces/nephews, grandchildren etc.

Talk to your friends too; about not doing presents but instead spending quality time together. You could also have a secret Santa which is exciting and budget friendly. If you really want to give a gifts, then consider buying gifts for a household rather than each individual person. This will save you money as well as time and reduce stress levels”.

Here are some great ideas for low cost Secret Santa gifts:

  1. Personalised mug – Buy a plain, affordable mug and decorate it with permanent markers or paint. You can add a personal touch by drawing something that person is interested in or you could write a heartfelt message. This is a thoughtful and budget-friendly option.
  2. Homemade treats – Bake some homemade cookies, make some fudge, jams or pickles. Package them in a festive box or jar and make a handwritten label. It’s a delicious and low cost way to spread seasonal cheer.
  3. House plants – Buy a small, low-maintenance indoor plant, like a succulent or a mini cactus. Place it in a decorative pot or wrap the pot with festive paper or a ribbon.
  4. Customised keyring – Create a personalised keyring with craft materials or ordering one from an online service. You could incorporate the recipient’s initials, a small photo, or a charm that reflects their interests. It’s a small but meaningful gift.
  5. DIY hot chocolate kit – Put together a DIY hot chocolate kit with a small jar of hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, and a few candy canes. Place these items in a festive mug or a clear bag and tie it with a ribbon. It’s a cosy and budget-friendly gift for the winter season.

Remember, the thought and effort put into the gift often matters more than the cost. Adding a personal touch can make a low-cost gift extra special.

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