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Day 5

Christmas is about giving but giving doesn’t have to be about buying expensive things, especially when we are feeling the pinch financially. Plus we don’t need more stuff do we? Most of us have houses full of unused clutter, some of it un-recyclable. Giving to others is good for us too. It helps us feel connected to our communities and our loved ones.

This year, why not offer to do something special for a friend, family member or neighbour. Do you have a skill you could offer? For instance, a bricklayer might offer to repair Grandma’s garden wall. You could walk an elderly neighbour’s dog, do some gardening for a busy friend, or give a babysitting IOU to a family member or friend so that they can have an unexpected night out or a much-needed break from the kids.

Why not host a Christmas Party for the Kids in your street. This can be a fun way to get all the kids together and to get to know your neighbours at the same time. You can spread the cost by asking everyone to bring something to eat and drink. The memories you make gifting your time and presence will last longer than any material gift.

Find some good ideas for non material gifts in this blog and if you are interested in volunteering contact Hive Portsmouth to see how you can get involved.