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Turkey in the oven

Look back at these money saving tips from our 2023 low-cost Christmas advent calendar

Apart from the gifts, the Christmas dinner can be one of the most expensive parts of the festive season. Rebecca from The Learning Place says ‘Cater Christmas dinner to what you want’. She says ‘When I was younger I would ask the same question of my family every year: Why do we have sprouts when no one at the table likes them? The reply: because its tradition. I say ditch tradition! There are no rules around Christmas dinner, its however you would like it and whatever you can comfortably afford. You don’t have to eat turkey if you don’t like it!’ Rebecca says ‘I have a chicken every year for Christmas as its cheaper and everyone will eat it. Plus, it doesn’t take up the whole fridge afterwards!’ She adds ‘There are no rules! Put whatever you fancy on your Christmas table and don’t just follow ‘tradition’ because you think you have to. Make your own traditions!’

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