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Christmas buffet

Money saving tips from our 2023 low-cost Christmas advent calendar

Have a Pot Luck Christmas this year! Save money, spread the work-load and add a bit of diversity to your Christmas dinner.

Rebecca from The Learning Place has some great advice for those who are not looking forward to doing Christmas dinner this year.

She says “If you don’t like preparing the Christmas dinner and you find it stressful and expensive, why not spread the cost and the work. Ask family and friends who are coming over for Christmas dinner to each bring a different dish. For instance; Grandma can be in charge of preparing dessert, Uncle Roy can bring the pigs in blankets, cousin Emily can be in charge of the turkey and you can do all the trimmings. This divides the work, keeps costs down for everyone, and adds a bit of excitement”.

Why not sign up for one of The Learning Place’s Multiply courses? They¬† have a variety of family learning workshops that can help you cope with the rising cost of living, including ‘feeding a family of four on a fiver’.