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Money saving tips from our 2023 low-cost Christmas advent calendar

Christmas is a time for people to get together. Families and friends come to visit, some from far afield to stay for a couple of days. As much as we look forward to spending time together, it can be a time of worry;  Where is everyone going to sleep? Have we got enough plates? Our dining table is too small!

Instead of rushing out to buy costly extra items that you will only use occasionally, take a look at these suggestions:

  • If your visitors are driving to yours from out of town, ask if they can bring their own bedding.
  • Why not borrow instead of buy? It will save you money, space and carbon. The Library of Things is a community library where you can borrow items that you don’t use very often, so you don’t need to privately own. When I was there the other day, they had things like a travel cot, cooking utensils, extra chairs and tables, even a Christmas tree!

Read more about the Library of Things and the Repair Cafe where you can enjoy a cuppa and get things repaired rather than throwing them away.